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Re: [atomic-devel] NFS in atomic host

On 10/29/2014 03:51 PM, R P Herrold wrote:
On Wed, 29 Oct 2014, Joe Brockmeier wrote:

So I have added the nfs-utils package to the host:
Shouldn't we have some discussion around adding a package?
I'm not saying nfs is a deal-breaker, but we should probably
discuss whether we want this or not.
let me kick it off then ...

I had 'scratched my chin' as to how I would go about doing
this; and later read Stephen's writeup ... fine so far as it
provides a solution, but really not all that obvious a

We _have_ used NFS on our VM client space, for shared RO
archives, and such, and it is not all that uncommon a use
case.  Being able to simply add an exports entry in one place,
and to use the familiar NFS tools is a win, and a solution we
have used for several years.  'just works' and is a Unix'y
familiar which an end user will find an 'just use' without the
need to chase down alternative methods (as Stephen described)

The image space profile of those tools is small, and I would:
+1 the addition as generally useful

-- Russ herrold

I get the pattern for mounting data into a container with nfs.

But do we really want the atomic host to act as a NFS server, or would it be preferable to depend on a centralized NFS server for a set of atomic hosts and their containers?


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