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Re: [atomic-devel] embedding multiple treefiles in compose

On 08/29/2014 06:41 PM, Dusty Mabe wrote:
> Hi,
> I think if we are going to go to the trouble of embedding the treefile that 
> was used for the compose then we should pull in any tree files that we inherit
> from as part of the process. Here is what I see in CentOS7:
> -bash-4.2# cat /usr/share/rpm-ostree/treefile.json
> {
>     "include": "centos-atomic-base.json",
>     "ref": "centos/7/atomic/x86_64/cloud-docker-host",
>     "packages": ["tuned", "man-db", "man-pages", "bash-completion",
>                  "rsync", "tmux", "net-tools", "nmap-ncat", "bind-utils", "git",
>                  "sysstat", "policycoreutils-python", "setools-console", "docker",
>                  "audit", "cloud-init", "geard", "cloud-utils-growpart" ],
>     "units": ["docker.service"]
> }
> So I get part of the picture, but not the whole thing because I don't know what was in
> centos-atomic-base.json. Assuming that the original treefile was called centos-atomic-docker.json
> then what we could have within the image is something like this:
> /usr/share/rpm-ostree/treefile.json -> ./centos-atomic-docker.json
> /usr/share/rpm-ostree/centos-atomic-docker.json
> /usr/share/rpm-ostree/centos-atomic-base.json
> Thoughts?

yup, they should all end up inside.

Actually, the code in the compose process merges them into a single
json, so it might be worth just pushing that in. so you get one single
file with the entire overview.

Karanbir Singh
+44-207-0999389 | http://www.karan.org/ | twitter.com/kbsingh
GnuPG Key : http://www.karan.org/publickey.asc

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