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[atomic-devel] CentOS Atomic SIG weekly meetings: Tuesdays in #atomic at 14:30 UTC

Hi all,

We're going to be holding a weekly SIG meeting for now to get things
moving. Usually I'd send out a doodle and try to find a time that works
for everybody - but for the first few meetings at least, we're going to
try to make sure we can bring in some core CentOS folks and work around
their schedule.

Please join us in #atomic at 14:30 UTC on Tuesday 23 September and
Tuesdays after that weekly until further notice.

I'll try to post an agenda and try to keep it to 30 minutes every week.
So, if you have issues, etc. please bring them up on the list, add to
the agenda directly[1], or ping me in IRC to add to the agenda.

Questions, comments, flames?



[1] http://wiki.centos.org/Atomic/WeeklyMeeting
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