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Re: [atomic-devel] Project documentation updates

On 09/22/2014 04:47 PM, Matt Micene wrote:

I've been following the project for a little while and really like the direction. One of the things I noticed as a first time user was that the documentation is a bit scattered, especially compared to CoreOS. For example, one of the getting started docs (Building Images) refers to RHEL Docker images which aren't available in the upstream repositories.

I'd like to first start by rebuild that doc to use official Fedora images from Docker Hub, but I'd also like to restructure the overall getting started flow to revolve around a first time user.

I think there should be some additional documentation that highlights the other components that make Project Atomic, Project Atomic: how gearD (Kubernetes?) is used to create a cluster, systemd integration with Docker (and using it right), and probably lots of other things I'm not fully aware of. Some of this I've seen in blogs and other sources.

I've forked the site on github and am working on a local copy that I can submit pull requests against, presuming that's the right workflow (maybe another clarifiying doc needed ;-) ). For the larger "what's the direction of the docs", who's got the helm? JZB & ???

I had started on:


around 4 months ago. It's been dormant since then and has no reference to kubernetes. It would also need a respin to be Fedora specific (which wouldn't be to hard). Probably something more official needs to be created. Just letting you know it's out there. You can check out the TOC and see if it's interesting:


Looking forward to contributing!


-Matt M

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