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[atomic-devel] Direct LVM by default

Per previous discussion, I've been working on redoing the default Atomic
setup to use direct LVM.  This is faster than loopback, and improves
management ability.


Since we're still using -toolbox for CentOS, we should be able to
upgrade there and spin a new cloud image from that.  For Fedora, I still
need to land patches to the new compose tooling for this that uses

Some open items:

* How much space for the OS?  I chose 3G, given the host is 1G, leaving
plenty for upgrades and host data.  But should we try for less?  More?
* How big should the disk be in general?  I chose 16G, reasoning that
right now Docker containers are limited to 10G by default, so you can at
least have a full one, plus other small ones.

Of course, thanks to LVM all of this is mutable after the fact - you can
attach other storage and migrate there.

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