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[atomic-devel] Upstream K8S Guestbook inclusion in Getting Started Guide

The Kubernetes team recently changed their Redis guestbook example to use the kube-dns addon by default.  This was brought to my attention in IRC as the example section in the Guide wasn't working.

While I can add the necessary steps, I'm wondering if we reach a point of diminishing returns trying to track changes in the "Exploring Kubernetes" section to keep the Guestbook example working.

Option 1, there is an official Fedora (and CentOS) guide in the upstream Kubernetes repository already, we point the Project Atomic Kubernetes section at the appropriate two upstream guides and help with contributions to keep that documentation current.  If there are any current maintainers who lurk here and can give insight that would be excellent (eparis?)

Option 2, build a quick and dirty "this is a pod" (or fork an older version of the guestbook) that we host in the atomic-site repo that shows the same steps but only needs to be updated when we see issues with that pod.  

Option2 could provide us test cases for builds and TCs.  The ansible content I've been using locally does just that, builds a kube-dns and kukbeguestbook but from a specific set of pod definitions that I don't change.

Option 3, ???


-Matt M

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