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Re: [atomic-devel] Regarding Meetup

hi JZB

I have created project atomic meetup page - 

To ship giveways the address is 
Ashutosh S.Bhakare
N-7 CIDCO R-28 Plot No.60,
Opp.Baliram Patil High School ,Aurangabad 431001

Roughly - 40-50 attendees
Will plan first meetup in 2nd week of August 2015; 

Ashutosh Bhakare

> On 06/30/2015 04:56 AM, Ashutosh Bhakare wrote:
> > Help needed from project 
> > 1) Giveaway items like stickers, t-shirts or any other stuff.
> Once you get something planned, if you can let me know ~30 days in
> advance we can work out stickers and other giveaways. I'd need to 
> know
> where to ship (send off-list!) and roughly how many attendees you 
> expect.
> Also, I'm happy to help promote any meetups related to Atomic via
> Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and the project blog.
> Thanks,
> jzb

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