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Re: [atomic-devel] Please add conntrack-tools

On 07/27/2015 04:48 PM, Erik Swanson (eriswans) wrote:
>> > 
>> > On 07/27/2015 02:42 PM, Erik Swanson (eriswans) wrote:
>>> >> 
>>> >> If there's some command already in the Atomic host that can do the equivalent of `conntrack -D ...`, I'd love to know about it. Otherwise, conntrack-tools should probably be added to the host, at least temporarily until Docker itself starts doing the right thing via direct system calls (or however they fix it).
>>> >> 
>>> >> (If this should be filed as a bug in a tracker somewhere, please let me know. I didn't see an obviously appropriate component for requesting package additions for Fedora Atomic in Bugzilla.)
>> > 
>> > Generally we'd add in the Fedora Cloud Trac:
>> > 
>> > https://fedorahosted.org/cloud/
>> > 
>> > We don't typically add tools for short-term debugging... is there a way
>> > you could do this with a privileged container?
> This is less a debugging thing and more something that needs to be executed every time a udp-publishing container is restarted.
> Having to do a `docker run` in an ExecStartPre feels wrong, but, it does work. Thanks.

I'm not trying to completely rule out adding this, just want to make
sure we explore all the angles. If anybody has thoughts on this, please
speak up.


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