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[atomic-devel] Super Privileged Containers and host configs

SPC allows users to put 'system' level process into a container and run them.  A question
has come up as to how to do configuration and storage with an SPC container.  An easy
example is rsyslog.  Using a super privleged container we have storage needs (the logs)
as well as config needs (/etc/rsyslog.conf).

We could store all of this in a container and store the system logs inside, but most ops
guys expect a hosts logs to be in on the host.  A bindmount makes that possible.

Similarly for system tools configs are expected to be in /etc/ on the host and their
configuration management could update it to what it needs to be.

So question, as a rule, do we want these containers to behave like traditional processes
where the host system is used, or do we want them to behave more like traditional
containers and have everything inside the container?  There's pros and cons to each.

Mike McGrath | mmcgrath redhat com | (312) 660-3547
Atomic | Red Hat Chicago | http://projectatomic.io/

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