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Re: [atomic-devel] extend atomic CLI to check kubernetes status

On Fri, May 1, 2015, at 02:01 PM, Aaron Weitekamp wrote:

> ...to verify a host is properly setup for kubernetes. Could we put this into atomic CLI?
>     $ atomic host status --service kubernetes

I know I am becoming the consistent voice of conservatism for `atomic` without having
written much code for it recently but...

I'm confused what this is buying us over the administrator typing
`systemctl is-active kube-apiserver` or the like directly?

And wouldn't you at least want to distinguish between whether the host
is a master or node?

That said, one thing I think would be cool in this vein is to revamp
/etc/issue or /etc/motd or the like.  Ubuntu has had something for
a while that shows you whether there are security updates available
on login - it'd be neat to extend that concept by default to show
critical service status.

ssh atomic-node42.mycorp.int
Last login: Thu Apr 23 09:49:18 2015
Host updates: Subscribed, new feature update available; use `atomic host upgrade` to download
Kubernetes: Master running, 192 pods
etcd: Inactive

root atomic-node42#

I've seen people do this type of customization with config management
downstream, but since Atomic is composed at the distro level, we can
do it out of the box.

Would be a fun entrypoint project for someone I'd say.

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