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Re: [atomic-devel] AtomicApp/Nulecule Design and Workflow

On 11/13/2015 11:40 AM, Daniel J Walsh wrote:

On 11/12/2015 06:19 PM, Dusty Mabe wrote:
Hey All,

We've been having conversations recently about the current
architecture of Atomicapp and the way we have envisioned people using
it. I prepared a presentation for a meeting we had today about this
and was asked to share it with atomic-devel and container-tools (see

 From the meeting it seems that we all agree there are some
improvements we can make in the existing workflow of developing and
deploying Atomic Apps and we are going to pursue investigating a
deeper integration between Atomic CLI and Atomic App with respect to
deploying Nulecule applications.

We also explored a 2nd option during the meeting (covered in the
slides) which relates to changing the current model of packaging a
Nulecule along with the Atomic App software in a single container to a
model where the Nulecule lives on it's own, separate from Atomic App
sofwtare. It was agreed in the meeting that this proposal could
provide benefits over the current model and we will explore it further.

We'd like to ask interested parties to get involved if you have a
stake in this and collaborate with us on helping us make the
architecture and the user experience better for creating and deploying
Nuleculized applications via Atomic App.

In my opinion we need to stop the confusion when talking about atomic
app versus atomic cli.  These tools need to be merged together.

So do you mean completely merging them together or just having a tight integration? I would prefer to still deliver atomicapp code as a container so that we have flexibility of versions that we use (and the version used could be controlled by an env var or a value in /etc/sysconfig/atomic). Also delivering via container would mean that we could change to a go version more easily once we are ready for that.

We need to make the atomic command understand nulecule specifications so
that you could package up a nulecule app spec into a container
and atomic could just install and run it.

Since both tools are currently written in Python merging them together
should not be that difficult.

So looking a little bit at the code a few questions come to mind regarding argument parsing and switching between running "atomicapp" code to deploy a nuleculized application vs just running an INSTALL label on a normal container:

1 - If we make the change transparent to the user then atomic CLI needs to do some extra checks on invocation. Since the options/args to "install" may be different for traditional install vs "atomicapp" install in order to check the arguments we first need to know if we are operating on an atomicapp or not and we might have to download the container image first in order to find out. What should we do about this?

1a - An alternative to making it transparent to the user is having an "atomic app" submodule, similar to the "atomic host" submodule for rpm-ostree. As part of this we could also modify Atomic CLI to detect a Nulecule when it is run with traditional install and recommend to the user to use the "atomic app" submodule for nuleculized applications.

2 - It is valid and sometimes required for a user to provide a path to a directory as the location of Nulecule.. For atomic CLI we will need to check if a provided argument is a path to a directory with a Nulecule in it and act accordingly. Is this acceptable? Note.. using the "app" submodule would not require this.



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