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[atomic-devel] AtomicApp/Nulecule Design and Workflow

Hey All,

We've been having conversations recently about the current architecture of Atomicapp and the way we have envisioned people using it. I prepared a presentation for a meeting we had today about this and was asked to share it with atomic-devel and container-tools (see attached).

From the meeting it seems that we all agree there are some improvements we can make in the existing workflow of developing and deploying Atomic Apps and we are going to pursue investigating a deeper integration between Atomic CLI and Atomic App with respect to deploying Nulecule applications.

We also explored a 2nd option during the meeting (covered in the slides) which relates to changing the current model of packaging a Nulecule along with the Atomic App software in a single container to a model where the Nulecule lives on it's own, separate from Atomic App sofwtare. It was agreed in the meeting that this proposal could provide benefits over the current model and we will explore it further.

We'd like to ask interested parties to get involved if you have a stake in this and collaborate with us on helping us make the architecture and the user experience better for creating and deploying Nuleculized applications via Atomic App.


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