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[atomic-devel] Need owner of Atomic 2 Week releases

Hey folks, creating a separate thread for this longer term discussion. We're getting ready to release our first 2 week atomic update on Tuesday and Dusty Mabe has raised 2 potential release blockers that were not part of automated testing. It's good that he caught them, but it's also a bit of a stroke of luck. Since there is no official QE for this release, who should own verifying that there are no release blocking bugs prior to every automated release and escalating if there are? If no one raises the blocker, we'll have no way to block the release.

This is something that we need an answer to fairly quickly since we don't even have confidence that the current release is good other than the current reports. And we'll be taking this plunge again in just 2 weeks.

Thanks for your attention to this,

Amanda Carter

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