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Re: [atomic-devel] Fedora atomic host 23 and ansible

> What's the minimum amount of they py2 stack we'd need to support Ansible?

Well, minimum is hard to tell, because you can always use ansible's raw
module, which does not need python at all. What modules do we consider
as minimum.

I ran 

# git grep -h import | sed 's/^ *//g'| \
  awk '/from .* import/ {print $2} /^import / {print $2}' | \
  grep -v ansible | sort | uniq'

from ansible-modules-core (which includes many non-relevant modules),
and from using all files, packaging, commands, inventory and system
modules and got the lists below.

Mapping these modules to packages installed on my system right under my
desk yields the following packages. These might be the minimal required


 Tobias Florek

ansible core module imports of category packaging commands inventory system:

apt apt.debfile apt_pkg aptsources.distro ConfigParser copy datetime
distutils.spawn distutils.version errno exceptions fnmatch glob grp
itertools json libxml2 lxml operator os os.path pipes platform pwd re
rpm rpmUtils.miscutils select selinux semanage shlex shutil simplejson
socket spwd stat string sys syslog tempfile time traceback types
up2date_client up2date_client.config urllib2 urlparse warnings xmlrpclib
yum yum.misc zipfile

all ansible core module imports:

apt apt.debfile apt_pkg aptsources.distro ast azure
azure.servicemanagement base64 binascii boto
boto.cloudformation.connection boto.ec2 boto.ec2.autoscale
boto.ec2.blockdevicemapping boto.ec2.cloudwatch boto.ec2.elb
boto.ec2.elb.attributes boto.ec2.elb.healthcheck boto.ec2.securitygroup
boto.elasticache.layer1 boto.exception boto.iam boto.rds boto.rds2
boto.regioninfo boto.route53 boto.route53.record boto.s3.connection
boto.vpc cgi ConfigParser copy csv datetime distutils.spawn
distutils.version docker.client docker.constants docker.errors
docker.utils dopy dopy.manager errno exceptions fnmatch getpass
glanceclient glob grp hashlib httplib2 itertools json jsonpatch
keyczar.keys keystoneclient.v2_0 libcloud.common.google
libcloud.compute.providers libcloud.compute.types
libcloud.loadbalancer.providers libcloud.loadbalancer.types libxml2
linode logging lxml MySQLdb neutronclient.neutron novaclient
novaclient.v1_1 operator os os_client_config os.path passlib
passlib.apache passlib.context passlib.hash pipes platform psutil
psycopg2 psycopg2.extensions psycopg2.extras pwd pycurl pyrax pysphere
pysphere.resources pysphere.vi_task quantumclient.quantum random re
requests.exceptions rpm rpmUtils.miscutils select selinux semanage shade
shlex shutil signal simplejson socket SocketServer spwd ssl stat string
struct subprocess sys syslog tempfile threading time traceback types
up2date_client up2date_client.config urllib urllib2 urlparse warnings
xmlrpclib yaml yum yum.misc zipfile zmq

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