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[atomic-devel] [X-POST] New guide focusing cloud users

Hi all,

i started a new guide [1] focusing Cloud users. Currently we have
different guides spread over different wiki pages, and blog posts. But
we don't have any single place which at least points to the current
and updated docs. I first suggested about this during Flock cloud
working group meeting.

The docs are written using reStructured Text format, using sphinx
project. When Fedora docs team comes up with the new tooling, they can
just pull in the files from here. The source can be found at [2].

Right now it contains a very few things I just put in today. Because i
am using readthedocs.org here, any commit will be reflected on the
docs very fast. I am yet to add the download chapter.  Feel free to
add anything you think is important for our users, PR(s) are always

[1]  http://fedoracloud.rtfd.org
[2] https://github.com/fedora-cloud/fedoracloud

Fedora Cloud Engineer
CPython Core Developer

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