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[atomic-devel] PXE boot/install using root=live:http// tries to mount NFS

I'm working on a custom build of Atomic on F23 beta using the fedora atomic configuration repo here:

ssh://markllama git fedorahosted org/git/fedora-atomic.git

I'm using rpm-ostree-toolbox treecompose and then installer to generate the bootable components.

When I pxe boot using images/images/pxeboot/{vmlinuz,initrd.img} and specify on the kernel cmdline to use root=live:http://.... sysroot fails to mount.

The target of the URL is a copy of the images/images/install.img squashfs file.

The URL is resolvable and I can download it to /tmp when in dracut.  I can also mount it -o loop,ro and I can see the LiveOS directory inside which appears to conform to the root=live convention.

It appears that only the NFS mount components are present and/or that the root=live:http// input is not handled.  The sysroot.mount target attempts to mount the full URL as NFS and obviously fails.

Should this work?

- Mark

Mark Lamourine <markllama gmail com>
Dad, Hubbie, Software Developer, System Administrator, Road Cyclist

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