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Re: [atomic-devel] moving atomic-host-tests repo under projectatomic org

On 04/07/2016 12:16 PM, Aaron Weitekamp wrote:
On Thu, Apr 7, 2016 at 11:58 AM, Micah Abbott <miabbott redhat com
<mailto:miabbott redhat com>> wrote:

    Hi folks-

    At my $DAYJOB, I do QE for RHEL Atomic Host.  We have a collection
    of automation that we use to test releases and I was tasked on
    moving those tests upstream [1][2].

    The tests were originally developed using UATFramework [3] which
    used Python + behave + Ansible to perform various actions.  While
    the behave BDD model had some advantages, we never got broad
    adoption of the framework.

​+1 to using the tools that work for you. I think this lowers the
barrier to contributing to tests, which is a good thing.

We are definitely indebted to your original work here, Aaron. Many thanks for getting our initial automation off the ground. :)

    To move the tests upstream, I ported some of them to Ansible
    playbooks with pretty good results.  Now the playbooks run against
    the Fedora, RHEL, and CentOS versions of Atomic Host.

Nice. Do you have any concerns about scope creep of these tests? Is that
pretty well defined? It looks like the tests could be categorized as
single host integration tests.

Yes, that is an important categorization to make. These initial tests definitely fall in the category of single host integration tests.

In my opinion, we can stay focused on this category for now and evaluate expanding the scope in the future. I'm not sure e2e or cluster-type tests would want to live here given the precedence we are setting, but we can continue to discuss that.

    There's still more tests to move upstream and plenty more work to
    improve them, so I'd like to move my repo of tests on Github [4]
    under the projectatomic org [5].

​This may be a good time to consider deprecating some of the repos under
the projectatomic Github org.

    Assuming there are no objections, I would like to complete the
    transfer tomorrow, Friday April 8.



    [3] https://github.com/aweiteka/UATFramework
    [4] https://github.com/miabbott/atomic-host-tests
    [5] https://github.com/projectatomic/

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