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[atomic-devel] Structure of Atomic Host docs for Fedora and CentOS


Given all of the changes in the platform, it's time to rewrite and
re-organize the Atomic Host documentation.  Here's what I'm thinking for

* Introduction
* Installation
	* Vagrant
	* Public Cloud
	* ISO
 	* Others
* Quick Start
	* Links to simplest setups, below
* Cluster Setup
	* Single-Node Vagrant Example (QS)
	* AH + Kubernetes
		* Kubeadm (QS)
		* Kubernetes-Ansible (production)
	* OpenShift
		* oc cluster up (QS)
		* Openshift-Ansible (production)
	* Other Platforms
		* Swarm?
		* Mesos?
* Using Ostree
	* Updates
	* Rebasing
	* Hotfixes & Testing
	* Overlays
* Atomic Tools
	* Atomic CLI (link, maybe)
	* Docker (and Docker Latest)
	* System Containers
	* Other stuff?
Open Questions:

1) Should these be combined Fedora/CentOS docs, or should we make a
"build" for each OS?

2) Where should these live?  projectatomic.io or RTD?

3) Is Vagrant really where we want to direct people as a quickstart
option?  I'm asking because I'm not that clear on what users can *do*
with an single atomic node on vagrant.

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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