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Re: [atomic-devel] Thoughts on a website redesign

On 02/19/2016 08:40 AM, Brent Baude wrote:
On Fri, 2016-02-19 at 09:20 -0500, Colin Walters wrote:
I've been thinking about the website and some improvements/changes
we could make.  I don't quite have the web skills to do this
myself, but hoping to start some discussion and get someone
involved who does =)

Odd, me too!  If people think this is an OK topic for atomic-devel,
we'll keep it here.

* First, rather than having Atomic Host itself at the toplevel and
in the Get Started, I think we should have two flows:

- You want to develop containers on your laptop This should
primarily point to the ADB docs

- You want to run containers on servers This should point to both
https://github.com/openshift/openshift- ansible and
https://github.com/kubernetes/contrib/tree/master/ansible as
example references for cluster standup. This in turn should have
Atomic Host as well as non-Atomic Hosts as an option. Link to the
existing docs on install distributions via PXE on bare metal, cloud
images, etc.

* Talk about Kubernetes more, as it's foundational (Really we
could use some sort of architecture diagram)

* Link very prominently to our sister project OpenShift Origin

So there's really *two* sets of flows we want, which is part of why I
want to talk to a talented designer because I'm not sure how to make
this work.

1. User Flow
	* You want to develop container apps
		* ADB, getting started guides
		* atomic.app
	* You want to deploy/manage container infra
		* Atomic Host
		* OpenShift Origin
		* Cockpit
	* You want to hack on Atomic projects
		* All the projects

2. Project Flow
	(link to docs *and* project)
	* Atomic Host
		* Fedora
		* CentOS
		* RHEL
	* RPM-OStree
	* ADB
	* Nulecule + Atomic.app
	* Cockpit
	* Kubernetes
	* OCI-hooks
	* etc.

The reason for the two flows is that people have two main reasons to
come to projectatomic.io; (a) looking for general information on how
they can use containers in their development/infra, (b) looking for
specific information on a specific Atomic project they heard about.
This corresponds to two groups of people (a) folks who do Linux and/or
Red Hat but aren't container-saavy, and (b) Docker users who want to
know what we have to offer.

* Move http://www.projectatomic.io/docs/ out into something like
mkdocs, asciidoc, or whatever that's better suited to it?  Or
maybe each "subproject" like ADB, /usr/bin/atomic, should have its
own docs section?


We currently are talking with Josh and gang about this as well so you
have my support on this suggestion.  Specifically, we are talking
about the container-best-practices material that IS written in
asciidoc and lives under the projectatomic.io "shield" (so to

As Josh can attest, there are some technical limitations to this
right now given the current setup.  But perhaps, as you suggest, if
we break out /docs as a whole, this allows us to explore some new

Yeah. Right now this is gated on my ability to learn to hack Ruby Middleman, so it's going to be kind of slow if that's the route we have to take.

Our proposal to Josh is that ideally we get to a point where a
jenkens job would take our asciidoc source and create HTML from it
upon merge to master.

Thanks for bringing this up!

* Have a steady stream of "tips and tricks"...maybe in the blog


Also, WTF is the RSS feed for the blog?  Isn't there one?

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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