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Re: [atomic-devel] Python-pyudev instead of storaged

On 16.06.2016 10:37, Marius Vollmer wrote:
> Hi,
> if I understand things right, adding storaged as a dependency to
> cockpit-docker is not acceptable.  Can I add python-pyudev instead?
> Incidentall, what about NetworkManager-team?

So long term, the goal for Cockpit should be to run more in its
privileged container and have less on the Atomic system.

The long term goal is that Atomic Host should include the things that
enable people to do what they expect.

So for example, if teaming (ie: bonding) is something people are
expected to do with Atomic Host ... then it should include the
NetworkManager-team RPM package. Not just because Cockpit can use that
package, but because people can also use the teaming support from the
command line or other tooling.

About pyudev ... I would suggest that functionality we're starting to
use it for (such as monitoring for storage devices, and listing their
properties) should go into the 'atomic storage' subcommand. If it needs
python-pyudev to make that work, then it makes sense to include it.
Perhaps even prematurely before this functionality is merged into
'atomic storage'.

More to the point, as we containerize more, the time is coming when
Cockpit can't pull in additional dependencies into an Atomic Host
system. So the functionality needs to be added to the system in a way
that makes sense for Atomic Host as a whole.


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