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[atomic-devel] Fedora 24 Based Two-Week Atomic Release Delayed - Feedback Requested

Hello all,
    The original schedule for today's Fedora Two-Week Atomic Release
was going to include a cut-over of our back end Release Infrastructure
and AutoCloud automated QA environment to be compose based (one of the
building blocks we need in place to make the future of the release
process more flexible). However, because of the most recent Fedora 24
release slip this has caused a conflict of schedules (a schedule that
was agreed upon at the Cloud FAD a few weeks ago) and as a side effect
of the Fedora 24 GA event we are currently in a Fedora Infrastructure
Freeze. During this Freeze, we can not make the back end changes
needed to cut over to the new versions of the RelEng Composer and
AutoCloud which are currently hosting the Fedora 24 Atomic Images.

This is something that slipped through the cracks and ultimately lands
on me, and for that I would like to apologize to members of Project
Atomic, Fedora Cloud WG, and both project communities at large.

That being said, we have a couple of options on how to handle this and
I would like to request feedback from others.

We can slip the Fedora 24 Based Two-Week Atomic Release by 1 week just
as the Fedora 24 GA Release was slipped and target next Tuesday
(2016-06-21). This would "reset the clock" on the Two Week Releases
and we will then have a Two-Week Release every two weeks following
that one.


We can skip this Two-Week Atomic Release all together and target the
next Two-Week Atomic Release scheduled date of Tuesday 2016-07-05.


We can release a Fedora 23 Based Two-Week Atomic image today (or
tomorrow, pending how fast feedback rolls in) and target the next
Two-Week Release window as the time to cut over to Fedora 24.

I'm open to alternate suggestions but do note that aspects of the Two
Week release process are limiting at present, which is something this
new Infrastructure deployment will be the starting point to resolve,
so there may be restrictions on how creative of a solution we can come
up with in the near term.

Once again, I would like to apologize to all who have been impacted by
this and we hope that with the planned changes to the Infrastructure
and the Release code will allow for more flexibility in the future.

Thank you,

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