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[atomic-devel] Who can do Slack?

On Wed, Mar 23, 2016 at 7:50 AM, <atomic-devel-request projectatomic io> wrote:
So we want to have a presence on Slack in order to reach users and
developers who don't do IRC or email so much.  However, this only makes
sense if several of us are willing to log into the channel every day.

Who's up for it?  Note that you can use many IRC clients to log in, once
you've set up an account.

​As someone involved with the community please don't set up a new slack group. I already have 7 slack groups and it is very annoying to have to join another one for each project I want to be a part of. Each one has different level of activity and rules for engagement (when to use @channel, if you can post to #general, who can create rooms, etc.)

​I could see atomic having a sig-* group in the k8s slack or maybe a separate atomic-* heading to rooms but a new slack instance would be annoying. Being a part of the k8s slack could also help users leverage more general information from a broader community.

-- Justin

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