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[atomic-devel] Drop the bare metal install guide?

Does anyone know the fedora install well enough that they could produce
a much shorter set of notes which just explains where installing Fedora
Atomic differs from standard Fedora bare-metal install?

I would like to see where they differ too.

And do we have the same guide for CentOS?

What I would like to see is business documentation for deploying atomic via Satellite/Katello/Foreman, [i]PXE and keeping rpm-ostree repo mirrors locally available (or creating your own). I'm sure some of that documentation exists but I usually find out of date blog posts to follow and update my own notes in the process. Lack of good bare metal documentation is one of the main reasons I deployed CoreOS instead of Atomic because they have great bare metal documentation and multiple options for configuration on boot (cloud-init, ignition, etc) and lots of examples for fleet, kubernetes, mesos, etc.

It's something fedora probably has no interest in but could be useful to many startups and businesses IMO.

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