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Re: [atomic-devel] docker does not work in F24 Atomic

On 05/11/2016 02:45 PM, Colin Walters wrote:
On Wed, May 11, 2016, at 01:03 PM, Dusty Mabe wrote:
Hey All,

As far as I can tell Docker is broken in F24 atomic. We have had
issues with docker for a while now but testing on fedora cloud base
from the updates-testing repo seemed to show the problem as resolved.

However, now that docker-1.10.3-7.gita41254f.fc24.x86_64 is in stable
we now see that it is still failing in Atomic Host:
We discovered this is:

However...while I see the value in RegisterMachine for "fat" and long-running containers
that run systemd recursively, I'm not sure I see what we're gaining in e.g.
a Kubernetes/OpenShift microservice environment.

We already have a daemon-talking-to-a-daemon issue, RegisterMachine
adds another daemon into the chain.

Relatedly, do we really need *both* oci-systemd-hook and oci-register-machine?

If we folded them together, we could use this bit:

	if (strcmp("init", cmd_file_name) && strcmp("systemd", cmd_file_name)) {
		pr_pdebug("Skipping as container command is %s, not init or systemd\n", cmd);
		return EXIT_SUCCESS;

to also skip calling RegisterMachine?

I want to have a single source to list all of my containers running on the system.

Currently machinectl will list all containers running via systemd-nspawn, rkt, libvirt-lxc and VMs running under libvirt. Docker is the only one that does not participate.

I think having this view is useful. I would like to see runc containers registered here also, Eventually I would like to see if we could get better support into machinectl.

My goal with RegisterMachine was not to just work with systemd running as init process.

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