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Re: [atomic-devel] docker does not work in F24 Atomic

On Wed, May 11, 2016, at 02:49 PM, Daniel J Walsh wrote:

> I want to have a single source to list all of my containers running on 
> the system.

As e.g. an OpenShift operator, what benefit is it for me?  Kubernetes
gives me a much more powerful multi-machine view, and if I'm debugging individual nodes,
I probably don't want to merely *list* containers - I likely want to 
debug them, and that requires knowing the launching tool anyways:

# docker run -d -ti centos sleep 1h
# machinectl 
MACHINE                          CLASS     SERVICE
531e395deda5a47f78f97089233fde45 container docker 

1 machines listed.
# machinectl login 531e395deda5a47f78f97089233fde45
Failed to get login PTY: There is no system bus in container 531e395deda5a47f78f97089233fde45.

But `docker exec` works of course.
> Currently machinectl will list all containers running via 
> systemd-nspawn, rkt, libvirt-lxc
> and VMs running under libvirt. Docker is the only one that does not 
> participate.

I guess I've never had the problem that I've been simultaneously
using nspawn, docker, and libvirt-lxc and been confused which container
framework I was using =)

> I think having this view is useful.  I would like to see runc containers 
> registered here also,

Or for that matter, bubblewrap.  But this is where I get uncertain...since
it's really quite valid to use just some container features.  For example,
I posted this a while ago:
Now ported to bubblewrap:

I just don't see the value in chatting with systemd every time I type `make`.  Right?

> My goal with RegisterMachine was not to just work with systemd running 
> as init process.

Anyways, I'm not arguing *against* the feature so much as I'm just
venting about the insane number of daemons talking to each other
just to launch a single `sleep` process =)  But I'd still like to be
sold more on `machinectl` for "non-init" containers.

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