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[atomic-devel] Issues with the template in atomic registry quickstart.


  I have been looking at the atomic registry quickstart, and i noticed that some of the commands in the run.sh dont get applied, at least not correctly.

   # $CMD oc create -f /etc/origin/registry/registry-newproject-template-shared.json
   # $CMD oc create -f /etc/origin/registry/registry-newproject-template-unshared.json
   # sed -i 's/  projectRequestTemplate:.*$/  projectRequestTemplate: "default\/registry-newproject-template-shared"/' /etc/origin/master/master-config.yaml

First off, it looks like the sed command doesnt set the projectRequestTemplate as the specified value.

Secondly, when i tried to set this manually, after running the quickstart, it says template not found.

Basically, users are ending up creating standard openshift projects and not the atomic registry projects.

Also, on the side, there should be a way, if the admin so chooses to allow unauthenticated users to be able t pull from all projects, which doesnt see, to exist today. 

Mohammed Zeeshan Ahmed
Associate Software Engineer,
Red hat Developers Team & OSAS.
IRC : mzee1000

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