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[atomic-devel] Atomic Workstation development work

Hey, so we've talked about this a lot, and there
are now two change pages:

  This is in Fedora release engineering, and the scope is basically
  rpm-ostree + flatpak

  But I'd like to revisit this, since I want to argue strongly for adding
  Docker to the mix.  I now use "pet" Docker containers for most of my
  random software building/hacking, and I think this use case is
  not really covered by flatpak, and installing build tools on the host
  system I believe should be an explicit anti-pattern.

I've set up https://pagure.io/atomic-ws
which is running in CentOS CI.  This specifically configures Docker
in a useful way (overlayfs), and starts by default.

Basically, by adding Docker, I think this feels closer to Project Atomic,
hence the rebranding.

Besides the link on the pagure page, I copied a snapshot of the ISO
here: https://fedorapeople.org/~walters/atomicws-installer-25.2016.61.iso

There are hence a few things to do to merge this into Fedora:

 - Decide on tooling emphasis (and management; does PackageKit
   need to learn anything about docker?)
 - Decide on the branding
 - Merge in the partitioning changes I made in https://pagure.io/atomic-ws/blob/master/f/overlay.yml#_46
   (switch to something similar to Server - xfs by default, no split /home, but overlayfs for docker)
 - Fix the ostree management in Fedora (right now at-most-once-a-day
   is far too slow for development and far too fast for most users, I think it
   could make sense to do a two-week cadence (+async security) as
  we're planning for Atomic Host).  This will also enable static deltas
  and make the experience more pleasant; see https://fedorahosted.org/rel-eng/ticket/6313
  In CentOS for Atomic Host we use a "promotion" model. 

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