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[atomic-devel] Docker project: Can you have overlay2 speed and density with devicemapper? Yep.


Vivek Goyal (cc) and I were discussing ways to deliver page cache sharing, POSIX compliance and SELinux support with a single docker graph driver, using existing kernel facilities.  We decided to go with a bind-mount technique, and Vivek has posted a first cut here:  https://github.com/docker/docker/pull/27364

Testing of the prototype looks like a great improvement:

Assuming this type of feature is merged in a container run-time, what preference would Kube folks have for surfacing this to users ... currently it's a daemon runtime flag that says ... if you use --read-only then you get the shared-rootfs as well.  Obviously this requires "12factor-ish" design up front, because you can no longer scribble in the container filesystem in places that are not persistent volumes, but we think read-only container hygiene is well worth the security and performance improvements to be had.


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