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[atomic-devel] looking for feedback on running kubernetes in system containers

I've been working on running kubernetes, flannel and etcd in system
containers, and setting up a cluster using the ansible scripts at

I wrote a blog post about it here:

These are my system containers:

and my ansible branch:

I've changed the etcd and flannel containers to bind mount config dirs
in /etc, so that the ansible can config them using the same operations
it'd use for non-system containers. I'm using tmpfiles.d to put a link
to the etcdctl from the container into /usr/local/bin/etcd because
ansible expects and needs etcdctl to be on the host to set up the
flannel network, and linking to the etcdctl from the container again
lets us reuse the same ansible operations as for non system container

The kube containers are based on the ones I'm maintaining in the
fedora and centos container registries, and they also get configs from
bind mounted /etc/kubernetes. Like with the etcd container, I'm
creating a link from the kube-apiserver container's kubectl to
/usr/local/bin/kubectl on the host, because the kube-addons service
expects kubectl to be on the host.

I've been using f25-based containers, but this should work with centos
containers, too.

Anyway, if you're interested in this topic, I'd appreciate it if you
gave my post / github forks a look and let me know what you think /
what I'm doing terribly wrong / etc. :)

Thanks, Jason

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