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Re: [atomic-devel] Storage for system containers

On 04/28/2017 01:09 PM, Giuseppe Scrivano wrote:

Dusty Mabe <dusty dustymabe com> writes:

i'm going to show how little I know with this question, but would it be possible
to have a separate partition for system containers that was essentially xfs + an
overlayfs of the host filesystem?
yes we could do that, we will just need to use a separate OSTree
repository, so that it won't be shared with the OS.  This is possible
already today, as the OSTree storage to use is configurable.
The disadvantage is that files in common with the host will still need
to be copied in the new repository.


Ok, We should be able to support both environments, where you want to maximize disk space savings by taking advantage of sharing OS Content with the Host OS by running your system container storage on the same disk as /usr. If you want to totally isolate your container content from the host, we can mount /var/lib/containers on an separate partition/disk and keep storage isolated. The only problem here is that /var/lib/docker would need to be modified to use /var/lib/containers/docker. From CRI-O/buildah and all container storage we store by default in /var/lib/containers/storage. With the move to ThePackageFormallyKnownAsDocker (TPFKAD), we should move the default storage to /var/lib/containers/TPFKAD.

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