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Re: [atomic-devel] Buildah and "docker login"

On 14/08/17 20:46, Tom Sweeney wrote:
> Hi //D.S
>     Dan Walsh just pinged me and forwarded the below e-mail to me.  I've
> just joined the atomic-devel list so hopefully this will make it's way
> to the right spots.
>     Short story is with Buildah you currently still need to use 'docker
> login' in order to authenticate to a private registry.  I do however
> have a PR (https://github.com/projectatomic/buildah/pull/204) winding
> it's way through the review process to do authentication for 'buildah
> from'.  I need to rebase it due to a merge conflict that happened a
> little bit ago and get it back out for review.  I'm hoping to get that
> code into play in the next day or two. 
>     That PR has the changes necessary for buildah from and most if not
> all the utilities needed to easily add the authentication capabilities
> to the push and commit commands.  I'm really hoping to wrap it all up
> late this week, but it might leak into next week. 
>     If you've a github username that  you can send me, I'd be happy to
> post a comment containing your name in it for this or other upcoming
> authentication commits for Buildah.
>     Best Wishes!


@Spindel on Github, and I'll gladly get an ping for issues relating to

Right now, authentication to the private registries is the only thing
that's in our way from disabling docker on our CI system completely,
since building the containers work, but publishing them doesn't work.

Good to hear that it's being worked on.


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