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Re: [atomic-devel] docker-latest in Fedora

On 01/13/2017 08:38 AM, Antonio Murdaca wrote:
> Hi, 
> Seems like no people are really using docker-latest in Fedora. I
> realized that because the version in F25 is old and nobody adds karma
> to the updates in bodhi there. Is there any real user of docker-latest
> in Fedora? Just asking because it's a maintenance cost to always
> rebuild that as well (even if I automated it a bit). To my knowledge,
> openshift guys aren't really using it either. Should we spread the
> voice about it? What do you think? 

The only time to care about it, would be when docker is way behind
docker-latest.  For example docker-1.10 versus docker-latest-1.12.

I would hope with system containers we could start to get away from
docker-latest, It would probably be more effective to ship a system
container that openshift could use in Rawhide and then support that then
continue with docker-latest.  Then we would just ship the current docker
for a run of fedora.  Updating the docker system container as OpenShift
needs change.

The way I see it, docker-1.12 shipped with Fedora 25, we would never
update it except for minor release.  docker-1.12.6 for example.  But if
docker-1.13 ships, then we just package that for Rawhide and make a
rawhide system container available with it.  If users want to run
docker-1.13 they would need to run it in a system container.

This would get us experience in handling of system containers.

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