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[atomic-devel] Shutting down ask.projectatomic.io, moving to StackExchange, needs your help


In this week's Atomic Community Meeting, we voted to shut down
ask.projectatomic.io.  There's two parts to this:

1. Us being ready to take questions on StackExchange/StackOverflow.

2. Actually disabling the page and redirecting people.

For the first part, that means I need as many Atomic contributors as
possible to sign up for both StackOverflow and unix.stackexchange.com.
Once there, I need you all to do the following things:

* Look for any existing questions about Atomic and related technologies.

* Answer any unanswered questions you can (don't comment, answer).

* Upvote both questions and answers about Atomic tech.

Some sample searches:


Also search on individual projects:

Also unix.stackexchange.com:

etc ...

Josh Berkus
Project Atomic
Red Hat OSAS

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