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[atomic-devel] Running VMs in Openshift

One of the cool things you can do when implementing integration testing
is staging the test dependencies using an OCI image. And scheduling
integration tests in Openshift is also nice.

For tests that integrate a full operating system, you need to start up
one or more VMs running that operating system. Tests then interact with
those VMs.

It's easy to run VMs from inside of a privileged container that contains
/dev/kvm. But I want to be able to run full operating system integration
tests on an Openshift cluster without enabling privileged containers on
all nodes.

So I've been playing with this, and hacked together:


This allows use of KVM inside any container running on a system where
the hook is installed. The use of a hook for this is purely pragmatic.

A far better solution would be to change kubelet to have a --enable-kvm
option ... similar to the --experimental-nvidia-gpus support I see there
[1]. But since changes into kubernetes and then Openshift have a really
long lead time, this lets us play with this before hand.


[1] https://kubernetes.io/docs/admin/kubelet/

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