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[atomic-devel] Openshift Origin + CRI-O

Hello everyone,

I've started working on the integration between Openshift Origin and
CRI-O some time ago with nice initial results.
For anyone who wants to step in and try out Openshift Origin and CRI-O, I've
created some scripts to setup a Fedora 25 VM to be provisioned for
Openshift Origin and CRI-O (works with 26 probably, but totally
untested on fedora atomic hosts). Let me know if it helps and if it's
not working for you, I'll fix it!

Repo is here and should be pretty straightforward to use:


As for "with nice initial results" here is an asciiname showing both
working together (effectively running w/o the docker daemon):


If you have questions please do not hesitate to reply here or contact me.

Antonio (runcom) Murdaca, RHCE
Senior Software Engineer - Containers
09B9 8F09 3E2D C310 E250 69B5 B2BE AD15 0DE9 36B9

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