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[atomic-devel] docs hackfest...next steps?

Hey, so we had a docs hackfest at Flock, which was great.
I was very inspired.  Honestly I am terrible about writing
docs, and there's many days I feel like we'd be in a lot
better place if we were better about this.

So the result of the hackfest was:

Which is stalled out.  One issue is this:

I just commented on the linked issue there.

We have since the start had a deep problem around docs for Project Atomic
versus the different distributions and versioning (i.e. what commands/feature
sets are available).  I think my vote there is to just plow ahead and for
things like the AH partition layout change
we just describe both?

(Of course this itself overlaps with https://docs-old.fedoraproject.org/en-US/Fedora/26/html/Installation_Guide/index.html etc)

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