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[atomic-devel] Hi - I'm a developer from the oVirt project, and as we look towards tighter integration with OpenShift plus a potential pivot to Kubevirt, we're taking a very close look at Atomic. However, there are some features from oVirt Node which are not present in Atomic Host which we'd really like to see. Specifically, a NIST-800 partitioning scheme, which basically amounts to separate partitions/LVs for the following: /home /opt /var /var/log /var/log/audit (ideally with any 'persistent' data like the rpmdb relocated off of /var, with the contents of /var[/*] being the same across all ostree instances, so logs are not lost if users need to roll back). In my testing, Atomic seems to only take ~3GB of the volume group when installed, though I understand that the remainder of the volume group is often used for Docker image storage. We performed a conversion to a NIST-800 layout as part of an update on oVirt Node, but we were fortunate enough to be using lvmthin, so we didn't need to worry too m




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