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Re: [atomic-devel] Question about Docker Storage

You're right.  I didn't realize there was 2 LVs.  So now I give half to root and half to docker:

lvextend -l +50%FREE /dev/atomicos/root
lvextend -l +100%FREE docker-pool



On Mon, May 21, 2018 at 10:55 AM, Dusty Mabe <dusty dustymabe com> wrote:

On 05/17/2018 09:54 AM, Chad Tindel wrote:
> Hi-

Hi Chad

> I am getting errors like this:
> /usr/bin/docker-current: failed to register layer: devmapper: Thin Pool has 521 free data blocks which is less than minimum required 549 free data blocks. Create more free space in thin pool or use dm.min_free_space option to change behavior.
> And I see in docker info where the  Data Space Available: 273.2 MB

Is this an Atomic Host system? Is it CentOS?

> However my root filesystem has tons of space:
> /dev/mapper/atomicos-root  17811456 3301476  14509980  19% /
> Is there any way I can get device mapper to use more of that space without having to add new VGs and run docker-storage-setup?

Is there another LV that is the container storage? I'm thinking you should be able
to resize the LV.


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