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[atomic-devel] Build my own Fedora Ostree

Thanks to few articles, I know the process how to build a Fedora 28 Atomic Ostree. I did it this way:

cloned fedora atomic; init repo; ran ostree command. This leaves me with a bare Fedora Atomic Ostree.

Now I would like to customize it to take into effect the changes I made on my machine: home dirs, etc settings, layered packages added. I want then serve this tree via http to 1- be a backup 2- rsync all my machines of my cluster (they all already run a fresh unattended Fedora atomic os). Of course, best would be to automatize the whole process: run a systemd service file with the ostree command once a day with a systemd timer; run rsync from other machines once a day with a systemd timer file.

I know hot to customize with adding package names via editing
fedora-atomic/fedora-atomic-host.json, but 1- I want to avoid doing it manually after any new install 2- I need to add in my tree the /etc settings I did, as well as /.home dirs.

I couldn't find a way to use my actual machine Ostree to build the Ostree I will use as a base for other machines. How to systematize the add of layered packages after a new install? How to add /home and /etc in a systematize way?

Thank you for help or pointers.

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