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[atomic-devel] help implementing registry v2 api endpoints

Foreman[1], the upstream project for Red Hat's Satellite-6, uses pulp[2] as its backend service for managing content such as RPMs, files, and container images. Pulp provides a limited registry API through the add on crane[3].

What I am doing is implementing more of the registry v2 API directly against the foreman server, redirecting to crane in some cases and directly to pulp in other cases. By doing this it allows "docker login" and full search in the context of foreman's users and permissions. As part of this the "docker push" API can also be implemented. This is where I need some help.

Following the docs here[4] I have "skopeo copy" to the "docker:" endpoint working. However, "docker push" (docker version 1.12.6 if relevant) just enters a loop of GET /v2/token, POST /v2/name/blobs/upload, GET /v2/token, PATCH /v2/name/blobs/uploads/uuid. The call to PATCH includes the blob in the request body, which I save, but I cannot figure out what docker expects in either the response status, response headers, or the response body.

If anyone can assist in guiding me, I would appreciate the pointers. I am not adept at reading go code, nor am I sure where to find the docker source (links welcome). Needless to say, I prefer skopeo. :)

Side note, foreman will soon support uploading the output of "skopeo copy dir:" for full disconnected container image support. Thanks to everyone that made that possible!

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