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Re: [atomic-devel] Kubernetes manual setup (need reviewers)

I have a draft of a write-up for running Kubernetes on Fedora or Fedora Atomic, using kubeadm, that I'd like to submit to upstream Kubernetes. I would appreciate people reviewing the document and trying the procedure. 

Before publishing, I have a few issues that I need to get through (listed at the top of the document). Any feedback (especially help with those issues) would be appreciated:


-- Chris Negus

----- Original Message -----
> On 02/23/2018 10:43 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> > On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 10:16:46AM -0800, Jason Brooks wrote:
> >>> If we have a preferred non-manual way, we should encourage people to
> >>> use that, but I don't see what we lose from having good documentation
> >>> at a lower level too.
> >> That's totally awesome. Now someone needs to do that work. In the
> >> absence of that person, it's not dismissive to link them to a popular
> >> resource for manual installation.
> > 
> > Of course -- but what I mean is saying "You wanted to know how to do
> > Kubernetes on Fedora Atomic Host? Go do Kubernetes the hard way!"
> > doesn't come off as very friendly to someone who doesn't know that
> > "Learn ____ the hard way!" is a somewhat tongue-in-cheek meme. If
> > that's the best resource and we recommend it, let's recommend it with a
> > preface.
> Oh, I was planning to recommend Kubeadm.  Kubeadm is good enough for
> most users, these days, and it's actually a good way to test new
> Kubernetes releases.  And the Kubeadm team is enthusiastic enough to
> maybe offer us some help.
> My primary concern with making sure that Kube is available on FAH/CAH is
> that I want Kubernetes developers regarding AH as a reasonable target
> platform for development.  We also want to make sure not to abandon our
> existing AH+Kube users, but presumably installation docs are not the
> primary thing those users need.
> I wouldn't *mind* having a "the hard way" doc for FAH/CAH, but I can't
> commit to putting in the time it would require to write it, since I'm
> not sure who the target user for it is.  Someone who wants something
> "production" is going to install Origin, no?
> --
> --
> Josh Berkus
> Kubernetes Community
> Red Hat OSAS

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