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[atomic-devel] libvirtd+qemu-kvm on atomic server, make sense?

Dear Fellow Dev / Users,

I'm trying to figure out whether running libvirtd+qemu-kvm on Atomic server make sense.

One of my CentOS 7 box (my homelab VM host) had been through interrupted OS update twice and it required my intervention to become bootable again in both instances. Atomic Server's ostree way of update seems to be a very good way of avoiding these kind of troubles.

Based on my very basic research, it seems that there's an image for libvirtd so I tried `atomic run hrishikesh/libvirtd` but it got error on trying to do something with systemd. Then I noticed there's an official systemd image from CentOS so I tried `atomic run centos/systemd` which failed similarly.

Researching from there it seems that the official docker does not support running systemd inside a container but Red Hat's podman do? However Atomic Server provides docker…

So my questions are:
  1. Whether this libvirt+qemu-kvm on atomic use case make sense?
  2. If it does, any pointers on getting this up and running?

Thanks & regards,

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