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[atomic] New Fedora rawhide installer ISO available


I've finally gotten time to work on Fedora/Atomic more and have now made
a functional installer ISO based on current Rawhide:


This ISO is designed for baremetal; at present none of the trees contain

It contains a cache of the tree content inside it, similar to how the
Fedora DVD includes many packages, and the Fedora LiveCD just copies

To receive updates:

# ostree remote add fedora-atomic
# atomic rebase fedora-atomic:

Let me explain those two commands a bit more.  The first adds a new
"remote" with the location of the current (hopefully temporary) OSTree
repository.  For more information on the temporary part, see:

Now the second command is effectively shorthand for:

atomic rebase

Basically that way you don't have to retype the branch name.  It's
shorthand, because you could also rebase to one of the other available
trees (such as server/virt-host).

An important next step here is going to be integrating cloud init by
default so that we can use the same tree on both baremetal and cloud. 
(Unlike mainline where cloud-init is a package only installed on the
cloud images by default; we can't do that without ~doubling the number
of trees right now).

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