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[atomic-devel] libdoug - High level library for updating Docker images


loosely based on the internal design document I'm happy to present you
first iteration of libdoug [1].

You can execute 'doug-cli.py --help' to get information about available
arguments, but a few interesting tidbits:

* API's for interfacing with Docker Daemon itself, Docker Registry and
Docker Hub (based on docker-py and requests)

* Image dependency graph + visualization ( just try with 'doug-cli.py
dependencies scratch' )

* Tag based approach to image versioning (no metadata needed) with 2
solvers available:
 - Optimistic - balances both local/remote repositories (does not remove
 - Version-Release ("vr") - push/pull the newest release, remove the

* Docker commands diagnostics, just try yourself:
  ./doug-cli.py docker-cli -- docker run -d --name=sleeper
fedora:21 /bin/sleep 60

[1]: https://github.com/shaded-enmity/docker-doug/

Pavel Odvody <podvody redhat com>
Software Engineer - EMEA ENG Developer Experience
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Red Hat Czech s.r.o., Purky┼łova 99/71, 612 45, Brno

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