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Re: [atomic-devel] Version 2 of the atomic-site documentation


Yep that's a recent draft, I've got a few more edits locally (setting up a local caching Docker registry for the cluster).  This version would still be fairly usable for the current site, since I didn't stray too far from the original format.  I just started bringing in more of the Kubernetes cluster management flow.

The one in my head, and not github, has a more unified flow with as little overlap as possible between the intro, getting started and quickstart.  It also turns the quickstart into a single host single container sort of deal, where the getting started looks more like this version with the "fleet management" concepts for building an Atomic cluster.

If the commits on my v2 branch are deemed useful enough, I can make a single large move for the getting started guide against master and keep working there.

-Matt M

On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 3:43 PM, Jason Brooks <jbrooks redhat com> wrote:

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> From: "Matt Micene" <nzwulfin gmail com>
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> Subject: Re: [atomic-devel] Version 2 of the atomic-site documentation
> Joe,
> I'll hold off for now then and maybe send you what I have currently for
> review, it's a fairly big change from the existing getting started (but not
> as far as I want to go).

Is this it:


On first look, this seems pretty good.


> -Matt M
> On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 5:08 AM, Joe Brockmeier <jzb redhat com> wrote:
> > On 01/26/2015 11:30 PM, Matt Micene wrote:
> > > Should I continue to work on these changes in the v2 branch?  Is there a
> > > redesign plan somewhere for v2?
> >
> > Apologies for the delayed response. For now, we can continue in master,
> > and I'll try to put out a (new) redesign plan folks can work on towards
> > Fedora 22 and CentOS Atomic Host as it stabilizes. Probably in about two
> > weeks after I get back from FOSEM/DevConf.cz.
> >
> > Best,
> >
> > jzb
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> > Joe Brockmeier | Principal Cloud & Storage Analyst
> > jzb redhat com | http://community.redhat.com/
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