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[atomic-devel] Moving osbs/atomic-reactor under projectatomic org on Github

Hi all,
on behalf of development team of OSBS (OpenShift Build Service), I'd like to propose moving three of our projects under projectatomic org on Github:


To describe the projects a bit:
- atomic-reactor is a Python library with command line interface for building docker images. For a complete set of features, see [1]
- osbs-client is a Python module and command line client for OpenShift Build Service.
- ansible-osbs is an ansible playbook to deploy OpenShift with atomic-reactor ready to build images.

To describe the whole system more: Builds are submitted through osbs-client by users/other tools. osbs-client communicates with OpenShift. OpenShift has an image with atomic-reactor installed inside, which is used to build requested images.

Hope this makes sense and thanks for considering. Questions are welcome!

Slavek Kabrda

[1] https://github.com/DBuildService/atomic-reactor/blob/master/README.md

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