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Re: [atomic-devel] DBus and rpm-ostree

Following up on this, I've started work on this based on this proposed xml specification doc:


Let me know what you think.

The goal is to have a stateless daemon where the daemon will turn itself off after ~30sec of inactivity. However there is a bit of an issue with supporting multiple system roots. So currently if a call is made to Manager.GetSysroot on a non default path, the daemon will stay alive until ~30sec after the last client that made one of those calls exits. While this isn't ideal, the only alternative I could think of while still supporting multiple sysroots was maintaining some sort of configuration file on disk based on successfully GetSysroot calls.

Right now I am planning to use file monitoring for keeping the Deployment and RefSpec information up to date. Monitoring changes to existing objects is relatively straight forward. However, accurately picking up when new deployments or remotes are added is a little more complicated due to the potentially large number of directories at arbitrary depths that would be need to be monitored for creation. It's totally doable, but before going too far down that approach i wanted to make sure that would be the preferred implementation as opposed to adding signals to the ostree library functions that are actually making the changes on the filesystem.

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