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Re: [atomic-devel] DBus and rpm-ostree

On 04.03.2015 00:18, Peter wrote:
> Right now I am planning to use file monitoring for keeping the
> Deployment and RefSpec information up to date. Monitoring changes to
> existing objects is relatively straight forward. However, accurately
> picking up when new deployments or remotes are added is a little more
> complicated due to the potentially large number of directories at
> arbitrary depths that would be need to be monitored for creation. It's
> totally doable, but before going too far down that approach i wanted to
> make sure that would be the preferred implementation as opposed to
> adding signals to the ostree library functions that are actually making
> the changes on the filesystem.

What about assuming that (at least for now) all access to the sysroots
happens through rpm-ostreed? Won't the rpm-ostree command line tool be
using DBus calls to rpm-ostreed as well?


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