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Re: [atomic-devel] DBus and rpm-ostree

On 03/04/2015 05:53 AM, Stef Walter wrote:

I think this is perfect. I really models exactly what is supposed to be
happening. When a command line rpmostree tool uses an alternative
sysroot, we should stay around at least until that DBus client is gone.

My main concern is that it might be non intuitive for watchers. But maybe documentation is good enough.

     <method name="Upgrade"></method>
     <method name="Rollback"></method>

For these sorts of operations, one often puts in an in options argument,
of type a{sv} ... to future proof. For example:

   rpm-ostree rollback [OPTION...] - Revert to the previously booted tree
   -r, --reboot          Initiate a reboot after rollback is prepared

   rpm-ostree upgrade [OPTION...] - Perform a system upgrade
   --os=OSNAME           Operate on provided OSNAME
   -r, --reboot          Initiate a reboot after an upgrade is prepared
   --allow-downgrade     Permit deployment of chronologically older trees
   --check-diff          Check for upgrades and print package diff only

How are you planning on implementing these via the API? Some of them
seem to fit naturaly in such an options argument, whereas others are
probably separate method calls (eg: --check-diff), or implemented in the
client (eg: --reboot).

That's probably a good idea. Check diff has it's own method on refspecs for the current behavior. I imagine some of these might get their own on those interfaces as well. But i'll add it in.

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