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[atomic-devel] F22 AtomicHost snapshot 20150304.2

Now that Fedora 22 is branched, I've been doing builds
of the new delivery types for:

Here's the link:


The following are available there
 - Installer ISO (with content embedded), and PXE-to-Install media
 - Cloud image for use in qemu/OpenStack
 - Vagrant boxes (both libvirt and virtualbox)
 - PXE-to-Live

Relative to Fedora 21, everything except the cloud image is new.  I've done
some basic testing and everything appears to work.

Note that none of the images are configured with a "fedora-atomic" remote.

Fedora rel-eng is producing OSTree repositories here:

However, at present the Fedora 22 repository won't boot because it
has an older systemd.  Nevertheless, to switch to it, use:

# ostree remote add --set=gpg-verify=false fedora-atomic https://dl.fedoraproject.org/pub/fedora/linux/atomic/22/

For Fedora 21, we never got the mirrormanager path working, and doing
so is going to be quite important for production use.  (I'd also like to do GPG,
but progress there is presently stalled).

Anyways, give the above a try, and in particular I think the PXE-to-Live is
quite cool.  Particularly if we minimize the OS more (as there, all OS content
consumes real RAM).

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